Wind Power Systems

Blue Sky Solar  is an Independent supplier of renewable energy systems such as Solar Panel Systems and Wind Turbine Technology.

We supply wind turbine systems for use in Commercial, Industrial, Governmental and Wind Farm applications.

 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are designed with the following features:

  • Silent and Vibration Free. With few moving parts, our turbines make little noise and little vibration. 
  • Virtually No Maintenance. The elegant design uses durable and readily available materials. 
  • Works in Low Winds. Patented turbine blades create lift, which help turn the turbine in low wind areas. 
  • Self-regulates. The same blades also create Drag. At high wind speeds, our turbines self-regulate, never increasing in rpm once the cavitation meets its limit, ensuring the turbine remains in place and in control of itself. 
  • Visible to birds. Birds see the turbines as a solid object and avoid it. 
  • Customizable. The simple design of our wind turbine airfoils allow for the manufacture of turbines of varying heights and diameters, allowing us to serve variations in both building structure, weight and wind speed. For instance, the airfoil blades can be made longer, using the same diameter but creating more surface area to capture low winds. 
  • Accommodate Graphics. We can apply any type of image on the turbines. Our Windvertiser process produces an image that appears to move when the turbines turn.

A natural, negative correlation exists between sun and wind-power generation: when one is high, the other tends to be low. The most obvious difference is between day and night.  However, on a larger scale, seasonal changes are equally important.  Shorter days and higher average wind speeds limit solar production during winter months, while longer days and ample sunshine work in its favor in the summer. 

These factors take on greater weight when a battery-backup system is in place.  In this type of system, the energy stored in the batteries needs to be replenished more often than what is achievable with a solar-only system.  This is especially true in locations with extreme seasonal variance.  Likewise, homeowners benefit by producing surplus energy, which not only keeps energy bills at zero, but can often be sold back to the grid for a net profit!

The second advantage relates to the physical space required for renewable energy systems - the "energy density footprint" in industry lingo. For many homeowners, the footprint is a major concern. While going green is a great goal, many homeowners have either limited space to install their system or simply do not want a renewable energy system to overshadow their home or take up a large area of their property.  

For solar panel arrays, necessary area increases nearly proportionally with power output.  For example, a two-kilowatt solar system requires twice the space of a one-kilowatt system.  For wind energy, however, the space required increases only marginally.  The tower base is the only required space at ground level.  

Even accounting for the entire turbine’s shadow, a standard four-kilowatt turbine requires about 25% as much space as an equivalent solar system.  Where space is limited, such differences can make or break the decision to install, and in far too many instances this information is not readily available.

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